Today is the the day…

So writing is something I am avoiding. This is obvious since it has been months since I wrote some thing here. I have been reading so many blogs and they seem so sophisticated and all, that I think I am afraid. I actually think that I am afraid of a lot of things. But getting started with an entry to a blog that no one is reading should not generate fear. Who cares really? Maybe that is the fact of it all. So when I was reading Penelope Trunk on how to start a blog, I sort of got put in my place.  Her guidelines basically say ‘Just do it!” Even if no one is reading, I will be writing. Fear is no excuse to put down in words what is in my head and my heart. So, today is the day!Image

After Christmas

There is always that feeling of let-down after something wonderful. Christmas seems to be that way for me. Now that all the kids are grown and gone, the house is calm and quiet with only the puppies to look after. But as I reflect on what’s ahead, the bit of sadness that I feel is slowly being overcome by my thoughts for the new year. The anticipation of what will come in 2013 is giving me a renewed sense of anticipation for what is in store. With only a few days left to spend on 2012 and its memories, I am eager to begin with a fresh start a new year of hope and adventure.

God has never let me down and I don’t suppose that He will disappoint me now.

What’s Ordinary

Well, this is my first attempt at a blog!  So here I am. Actually this is a “here we are” site that will introduce you to me, my family and maybe some friends too.  Ordinary Distinctions will be a place to comment on the many facets of life that seem so simple at the time and yet make us each distinctively unique.  There is not much about my life that is that extrodinary, but the living of each simple day seems to create a life worth talking about.  I am hoping that you might agree…